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Protect Your Business with a Commercial Locksmith

After setting up a business, you should protect it from vandalism. Safeguarding is not just using a typical lock but a lock manufactured by a reputable commercial locksmith. Failure to do so may result in the worst of the business, which you do not want.

Protect Your Business with a Commercial Locksmith

Modern locksmiths replace door locks and make keys and work to ensure that your business is secure. They usually deliver a crucial role in providing the continuity of any company by keeping the customers, employees, and products safe.

In this article, we will discuss the various ways in which these commercial locksmiths strive to secure your commercial premises. In addition, the report will include the multiple roles played by these locksmiths to enhance the security of your assets. Besides, the article consists of the various ways in which locksmiths assist businesses.

Roles of Commercial Locksmiths

Locksmiths play an essential role in the security of any business. They usually play the following functions:

Installing New Locks

Both new and existing businesses require new locks, especially those that always require a new set of locks. Either way, a locksmith is pretty essential in ensuring the security of these businesses. In some cases, you might want to re-install the locks after acquiring second-hand premises, and the locksmiths are always there to help.

Re-installing the locks is an excellent way of safeguarding second-hand premises as you have no idea if the previous owner shared spare keys with some people. This way, the previous premises cannot harm your business in any way.


Generally, people are prone to losing keys. Four out of every five people have either lost or misplaced at least one key in their lifetime. In a situation where you have lost your keys, an expert locksmith can help in rekeying the locks.

They remove the lock cylinder’s pins and springs and put new ones in their stead. This also comes with different keys from the lost ones so that even if someone has the previous key, they will not be able to access the premises.

If you are unsure where the keys to your commercial premises are, do not hesitate to call a commercial locksmith. This way, you are guaranteed to keep the business’ assets intact.

Business Safety


Commercial Keys

Repairing Locks and Making Spare Keys

Sometimes the locks tend to wear and tear when used for a long time. Also, some locks just become faulty, especially the electric locks which develop malfunctioning wirings. In this case, a professional locksmith comes in handy to replace the broken lock.

The locksmiths understand the working of various locks; thus, they are sure to advise you promptly. They know when your lock needs an extra protection layer or when you need a new key. In cases where your lock becomes faulty, you can rely on the locksmiths to replace them.

Besides repairing, locksmiths also work to maintain your locks. For example, in the cases where your lock is susceptible to lock picking or when it tends to fall apart, locksmiths can replace the pins and springs with better ones to ensure that the lock is in good condition.

How Commercial Locksmiths Help Businesses

Thugs will undoubtedly leave a premise alone once they discover that the security system is hard to penetrate. Below are some of how locksmiths assist businesses.

Latest Technology

You are guaranteed updated and cutting-edge security technology if you hire a locksmith in your commercial premises. These locksmiths re-evaluate both your locks and security while offering suggestions and installing relatively better locks.

Master Key

A professional locksmith can customize a unique key that opens all doors to your premises. The key is much important during emergency times or when you need to access a locked room. Besides, a master key provides you with maximum business control since you can access the entire premises at any time.

Business Safety

Some expert locksmiths not only make high-tech locks for business but also install CCTVs. The tool is essential for recording the various people entering and leaving the premises. Besides, it displays the positions of the different employees, thus making it easier to run the business even when you are away.

Situations Where a Commercial Locksmith is Helpful

Broken Front Door Locks

The most important thing to do when closing a business after a long day operation is to lock the front door lock properly. If the locks are faulty, you cannot wait until the next day to call a locksmith, lest you may not find any business the next day.

Even if your premises has a state-of-the-art security system, it is left vulnerable when the system is down. In this case, do not hesitate to call a locksmith right away.

Locked Out Employees

Though it is sporadic, sometimes the employees might get locked out of the premises, thus slowing down productivity while wasting resources. Destroying the lock might be as detrimental as the situation itself. In this case, you should ask for assistance from a professional locksmith instead of destroying the lock and calling the specialist later.

Broken Lock in a Vital Room

Generally, every business has a room that is considered important than the others. Such a room is usually used for storing sensitive documents that unauthorized hands should never access. For this reason, the room is secured with a high-tech security system.

Sometimes the locks for these rooms are compromised in cases of burglary and theft. Thus, you should always ensure that such a lock is always intact and unbroken. If broken, you should call a locksmith immediately to replace it.

In Need of a Spare Key

At times you might be taking a vacation; thus, you leave the responsibilities of your commercial premises to a trusted co-worker. However, it may be unwise to hand over the original keys, and you might require a locksmith to craft a spare key for the co-worker.

There are other situations whereby you might fail to report to the premises, yet you carried the front door key with you last night. This will undoubtedly halt the operations of your business. However, you can alleviate this issue by approaching a locksmith for a spare key.

Lock picking Cases

Some expert burglars have a unique way of manipulating the lock components to disengage it without the original key. Such a case is deplorable for any business as it can result in untold miseries. The lock becomes useless once it is lock picked; thus, you ought to do something about it immediately.

Do not hesitate! Call a commercial locksmith to replace your premises’ locks once you notice an attempt of lock picking. Besides, a professional locksmith will provide you with extra tips for adding an additional security layer to your locks.


Hiring a locksmith is an excellent decision to enhance the security of your commercial premises. This article has explained the various roles played by locksmiths and some of the situations where their services are applicable. Always seek their assistance when you require a high-tech security system for your premises.

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