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A Guide to Security Key Fobs

A Guide to Security Key Fobs

Most people are now turning to electric door systems. Rather than inserting and twisting the traditional metal key into the lock system, you can use a key fob every time you want to open a door. If you are wondering whether the fob access system is worth the investment, keep reading to learn more

What is a Key Fob?

This is a programmable hardware device that opens and locks the door electronically. All you need to do is point the device reader to the entrance you want to open, and if the system recognizes the in-built verification, the door unlocks. Key fobs use an electromagnetic field to identify and track the data on the door that it’s supposed to open. The keyless system works in cars, office spaces, gym facilities, apartments, parking garages, and other buildings that require a restricted entry.

How Do Key fobs Work?

Key fobs generally perform in a similar way to metallic keys, just that they operate remotely. The manufacturers program them to match a specific door or door sets. When you press the button, the key fobs use Radio Frequency Identification and an intelligent system similar to a barcode’s to communicate with a reader on the door latch. If the key fob is in the right proximity to the reader, the locking mechanism will open up to grant access.

Denied access means that the microchip cannot communicate with the reader since its defective. Other times, this happens when the reader fails to get enough information to determine whether to grant access or not.

The key fobs run on a battery that lasts between three to four years, though this will vary based on the frequency of use, the build, and quality. Replace the battery if you notice signs of decreased signal range, for instance, if you must press the button more than once to lock or unlock the door. Consult a professional to help choose the right battery.

What Are Key Fobs Used For?

Fobs offer added security, and in case you misplace them, you can set the program to deactivate the lost key. In commercial buildings, you even have a chance to change the access codes of your fobs often for improved security. Alternatively, cover your fobs with RFID blocking sleeves to protect them from hackers. The main limitation of the traditional metallic keys is that once they get lost and land in the hands of unauthorized people, you risk losing your car or other valuables within your property. For people running business facilities, it’s hard to track who has the key. This is also a security risk since people can make extra copies and use them to access the building without your knowledge.

With a keyless security system, you can keep a record of everyone who enters and leaves the building on a specific day and time. This information will help you monitor employees’ arrival, departure time, staff mobility, and the number of visitors.

You even have a chance to restrict entry to specific sections. For instance, if you run a company, you can grant access to the warehouse or safe to specific employees only during the working period. A manager will need a key fob that can access all doors within the facility, while other ordinary employees will only need one to open up a few areas. You can also restrict the cleaning crew’s access to the pool area, main gate, and storage facilities in a residential setting.

One main reason why fob keys have gained massive popularity is their customizable nature. You can use them for almost all applications requiring entry to a facility, be it a building, vehicle, gym lockers, closets, or rooms with valuable items.

Another thing is their increased convenience. They eliminate the need to keep wiggling a key into a lock. They are also small enough, and you can store them in a key ring, wallet, or pocket. Once you misplace the key fobs, you can easily replace them by blocking the older systems and activating the new ones. It would be very inconvenient to replace metallic keys and locks in the whole facility, especially in large commercial buildings.

Can You Duplicate Key Fobs?

Losing or breaking the key fobs can be a very frustrating situation. It’s therefore vital that you get a copy of the key to avoid such problems. Though most vehicles come with two keys, it’s possible to duplicate them and make extra copies. The process requires technical knowledge, so you should leave it to key fob duplication professionals. An experienced locksmith has the expertise to create a fob copy that matches your vehicle’s ignition system or your door latch and program it accordingly.

The fact that you can make copies of the fobs shouldn’t raise concerns since it’s the same as taking the traditional key to the hardware to get another copy. A qualified locksmith should be able to get you a replacement even if you misplace the original key and you don’t have any other copy.

Unlike getting a metal key copy in hardware, you will need to prove ownership before getting a replacement. Depending on the manufacturer, you need to present the property title or a copy of the vehicle’s registration. The locksmith will verify the serial number indicated at the back of the fob and then get into the duplication process once they confirm ownership. They use an RFDI reader/writer to copy the information from the original key fob. Next, the locksmith uses a blank fob and click ‘write’ on the RFDI reader to transfer the data from the original copy to the new device. The new fobs then acquire similar restrictions and allowances to the original one.

Bottom Line

Technological advancements offer humans endless convenience. One great invention that any property or the car owner should consider is the key fobs. They make it possible to gain access to buildings and vehicles without using the physical key. Key fobs are specially encoded, and should you need to get a replacement or a duplicate copy, contact Armstrong Locksmith reliable locksmith company.