The Perfect Place to Hide a Key Outside: 12 Easy & Effective Hiding Places

The Ultimate Guide to Hiding Your Key Outside: Secure & Creative Solutions

Finding the perfect spot to hide a key outside is crucial for convenience and security. Whether you’re trying to avoid lockouts or simply want a backup for emergencies, the right hiding place can make all the difference. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore a variety of secure and creative solutions for hiding your house key outside, taking into account weather resistance, ease of access, and safety.

Creative and Secure Key Hiding Spots

1. Potted Plants: A Natural Choice

  • Pros: Blends seamlessly with outdoor decor.
  • Cons: Can be vulnerable in extreme weather.
  • Tip: Choose a plant near the door but out of the direct path to avoid accidental discoveries.


  • a house with different spots to hide a key

2. Fake Rocks: The Classic Camouflage

  • Pros: Excellent at blending in with garden landscapes.
  • Cons: Commonly known, might be checked by intruders.
  • Security Consideration: Opt for a weighted version that’s indistinguishable from real stones.

3. Under a String: Ingeniously Simple

  • Pros: Quick access.
  • Cons: Visible if not well-placed.
  • Tip: Use this method for less obvious locations, like a backyard post.

4. Wooden Fencing Posts: Out of Sight

  • Pros: Easily accessible to you but not to strangers.
  • Cons: Requires a fence.
  • Security Consideration: Ensure the key is not visible from any angle.

5. Outdoor Trashcan: Unlikely Spot

  • Pros: Seldom inspected by thieves.
  • Cons: Risk of accidental disposal.
  • Tip: Place in a waterproof and sealed container attached to the underside of the lid.

6. Bushes or Shrubs: Nature’s Hideaway

  • Pros: Offers numerous hiding spots.
  • Cons: Can be accessible to pets and children.
  • Security Consideration: Choose thorny or dense shrubs to deter searches.

7. Fake Sprinkler Head: Ingeniously Disguised

  • Pros: Unlikely to be disturbed.
  • Cons: Limited to homes with sprinkler systems.
  • Tip: Install near real sprinklers for consistency.

8. Fake Dog Poop: Deterrent Disguise

  • Pros: Highly unlikely to be picked up.
  • Cons: Must look realistic to be effective.
  • Security Consideration: Place in less trafficked areas of the yard.

Embracing Technology: Smart Locks

For those concerned about the security implications of hiding keys outside, smart locks offer a modern solution. These devices allow you to lock and unlock your doors using a smartphone app, eliminating the need for physical keys altogether.

  • Benefits: Enhanced security, remote access, and the ability to grant temporary access to visitors.
  • Choosing a Smart Lock: Consider features like battery life, compatibility with your door, and integration with home automation systems.
  • Transitioning Guide: We provide a step-by-step guide on choosing and installing the right smart lock for your home.

Not Recommended: Welcome Mats and Dog Houses

While classic, these methods are widely known and easily compromised. If you must use them, ensure they’re part of a more secure and layered approach to home security.

Always Have a Backup: Trusted Individuals

In addition to hiding a key, entrust a spare to nearby family members or a trusted neighbor. This provides an additional layer of security and convenience.

Professional Help: Armsontrong Locksmith

If these solutions don’t meet your needs, or you’re interested in exploring smart lock options, our team at Armsontrong Locksmith is here to help. We offer a range of services from smart lock installation to providing spare keys.

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Choosing the right place to hide your key outside is a balance between convenience and security. By considering the pros and cons of each method and possibly integrating smart lock technology, you can ensure that you’re prepared for any situation. Remember, the best solution is one that suits your specific needs and security concerns.