The Perfect Place to Hide a Key Outside: 12 Easy & Effective Hiding Places

If you are looking for the perfect place to hide a key outside, you have come to the right place. There are plenty of options out there for hiding your keys, but not all of them will work well or be suitable for your particular situation. Here is a list of 12 easy and effective places to hide your house key outside that will help keep it safe from thieves!

How to hide a key in plain sight?

The simple answer is creativity, there are plenty of options we will cover the main ones in this helpful article. We hope these creative ways will help you hide your spare keys in a safe place.

The Best Places To Hide A Key – 12 Easy And Effective Places

Potted Plants

Potted Plants

One of the most common places to hide a key outside is in your potted plants. If you are looking for ideas on how to hide a house key when it’s chilly outside, look no further than your garden! As long as there isn’t heavy rain or snow expected and you keep an eye on things, this could be one of your best bets for keeping your key safe.

Fake Rocks

A great place to hide a spare is under one of those stone rocks people put around their gardens and flower beds. There are plenty of these types of rocks on the market so you can be sure that they will blend in with whatever type or color stone you already have in your yard. Just make sure that the ones you purchase are heavy enough to stay put when they get wet!

Hanging it from a string

One of the most common places people suggest is hanging it from a string tied around an outdoor doorknob or post. This works great for keeping out unwanted visitors, but unless you are looking for an easy way to make sure your dog can always get in and out of the house, it might not be the best place.

Wooden fencing posts or beams

Another outdoor location that is very common among those who want to hide their keys outside is hanging them on a nail inside one of your wooden fencing posts or beams. If you have a fence around your property, this is one of the best ways to make sure that nobody can get their hands on it!

Outdoor trashcan

Another great place for hiding keys when they are cold and wet out there is inside an outdoor trashcan. This will work just fine as long as you keep an eye on things and make sure that the trash is emptied regularly. Otherwise, you run the risk of having someone else take your house key instead if they get it first!

Bushes or shrubs around your property

If there are certain bushes, shrubs, or a nearby tree that surround your home and create some privacy for you to enjoy then this could be one of the best places to hide your key outside. Just make sure that you put it somewhere where pets and children can’t get a hold of it!

Use a fake sprinkler head

Hiding a spare house key on a fake sprinkler key holder is another great place to put it if you are looking for ideas on how to hide a house key outside. Just make sure that there isn’t any moisture coming from the fake sprinklers or this could cause problems down the road!

Fake dog poop

This is just as effective as a fake rock and has the added benefit of having people think it is real. Just make sure you use a fake one that looks realistic and doesn’t include any metal parts! Otherwise, someone could be onto your game if they pick it up to take out with them.

Use a smart lock

Smart Lock

If you are really concerned about security and keeping your house key outside, we suggest using a smart lock. They require an app to work so they provide the most secure way of locking and unlocking all doors in or around your home!

This one is a classic but definitely not recommended. A welcome mat with a hollow hiding spot is easy to access… but it’s also just as easy for somebody else to get into your home. If you decide that this is the best place for you, be sure that there isn’t any moisture in the bottom of the hidden space! If you go this route try not to use your front door, instead you should use a side or back door.

Bird house or bird feeder

If you have a nice big tree or shrub in your yard then this might be the perfect spot to hide your key outside. Just make sure that it isn’t somewhere where someone can easily access and remove it, as well as keep an eye on things so birds don’t take up residence!

Another not-so-great place to hide your house key is in the doghouse! This will work fine on colder days when you want it to stay warm, but on warmer ones or rainy days, this can be a big problem. Just make sure that there isn’t any moisture inside before you try hiding it here. It’s better to go with one of the above places instead.

Don’t forget…

If you do decide that it is time for a change and you need to replace your house key, we can help! We offer modern smart locks that provide all kinds of benefits such as remote access and easy operation. Give us a call today so we can get started!

Family or Neighboor

You should give a spare key to family members that live nearby or a trusted neighbor. This way, if you do happen to lock yourself out of the house they can easily get a hold of your spare key and let you inside. If someone else other than this person knows where it is then there could be trouble!

Get help from a trusted locksmith

If none of these options work for you, call Armsontrong Locksmith. Rest assured we can help you set up a smart lock system as well as provide you with extra spare keys.