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Going Keyless with Keypad Door Locks and Key FOB Duplication

Lately, technology is at its peak as we can see some types of modern cars that are even driving themselves. The security sector is not left behind as it seeks to eliminate the physical key. Nowadays, keyless locks are being used everywhere, starting from businesses, homes, and even vehicles.

The locks are available in different forms such as face recognition, fingerprint, FOB keys, and keypad door locks. These locks serve one primary purpose to eliminate the use of physical keys. Currently, the most popularly used forms of keyless locks are keypad door locks and FOB keys.

Our article will significantly discuss the keypad door lock system, how it works, and its advantages. In addition, we will also talk about key FOB duplication and the various uses of FOB keys.

Keypad Door-Lock System

Keypad locks come into two categories, individual locks, and large security lock systems. Individual locks have the lock hardware and control as a single unit, while the other keypad locks draw power from somewhere else in the premises.

Regardless of the mechanism, the actual lock requires some electric current to release the lock bolt. This small current is generated when the correct code is typed. Thus, it would help if you had a power contingency plan as the lock might not respond without being powered.

The keypads come in different forms too. While some have few number or letter-labeled buttons, others use full keypads like those of telephones. The code is typically four to six digits, and it must be entered correctly for the lock bolt to be released.

If the code is correct, a sound will notify you that the lock has opened. Some advanced keypad door locks will prevent the safety from disengaging for a few moments after entering the incorrect code for several attempts.

Sometimes a particular person may discover your code and pose a threat to your security. Thus, it is advisable to change the code regularly to enhance ultimate security. There are no restrictions on how many times you can change your code by changing it varies across different lock manufacturers.

How Does a Keypad Door Lock Work?

Unlike traditional locks, this system requires a numerical code to disengage. The code is entered using the already-provided keypad that can be attached to the physical lock or not.

The deadbolt only releases after the correct code is entered correctly. Some of the locks are fitted with batteries, while others are powered through electric current.

How Reliable is a Keypad Door Lock?

These locks are highly robust, durable, and secure, unlike the traditional ones. The mechanism is excellent for opening and closing any door, sometimes hindered by losing or misplacing physical keys. Thus, this mechanism is relatively reliable, as you do not have to give a damn about the physical keys.

However, the lock has a few downsides that you can significantly eliminate. After a keypad door lock system is installed on your premises, consider cleaning it regularly so that no one will have a notion of your access code. In addition, consider changing the codes regularly.

When choosing this type of lock, consider the battery-powered ones since the electrical ones might be detrimental to power losses. If not, ensure you have a backup plan for power cuts.

If the lock fails or you happen to forget your pin, you can reset it. The lock’s manufacturer gives the resetting instructions.

Advantages of Keypad Door Locks

  • Convenience; the lock eliminates the need for having physical keys. Thus you do not have to carry them around or keep spares as contingencies. You will provide the key to anyone you would wish to access your premises, rather than issuing a key.
  • High security; different keypad locks are designed with varying mechanisms of hardware unique from the traditional locks. The conventional locks are designed in a cylinders mechanism; thus, they can be picked or bumped. Keypad locks are more secure as they can neither be picked nor dumped.
  • Durability; conventional locks wear out over time, and proper functionality becomes difficult. Keypad locks last for long periods, and they are not subject to wear and tear

Key FOB Duplication

A key FOB refers to a sizable handheld device used for controlling a keyless entry system in vehicles or premises. The system uses an RFID chip to communicate with other RFID tags inside the reader device attached to the locking system.

Each chip is designed to transmit specific RFID information that matches the programming of the reader device. An RFID signal is sent to the reader after pressing the button, and if the transmitted information is correct, access is granted.

RFID key FOBs have programs to execute different commands, such as opening doors and starting engines. Automotive key FOBs have other specific purposes assigned to different buttons.

However is not as easy as it sounds, you will need to hire a professional locksmith for this service. Here at Armstrong Locksmith, our team uses the latest technology both hardware and software plus all our staff is certified.

Uses of FOB Keys

FOBs can be installed in premises such as bars, supermarkets, power plants, universities, and colleges, among others, to grant access. In addition, its extensive use spreads to vehicles whereby the FOB keys are used for various purposes that include:

  • Setting a car alarm; a FOB has an option to set for an alarm in case something is messing up with your vehicle. The system also allows you to switch off the alarm after it goes off.
  • Adjust the vehicle’s seat; you can set different positions for your car’s seats using a FOB so that they adjust when the appropriate person enters.
  • Self-parking the car; modern cars such as Tesla modes can self-park at the release of a FOB button, which comes in handy in tight parking spots.
  • Fold mirrors; the key FOB can also be used to fold mirrors, especially in busy parking lots where they are prone to damages

Advantages of Using Key Fobs

  • Reliability; key FOBs are long-lasting, unlike copied keys. Thus, they are very reliable.
  • Security; physical keys can either be lost, misplaced, or lost, thus making it hard for you to access something. The good thing with key FOBs is that they can be remotely deactivated.
  • Convenience; key FOBs are incredibly easy and fast to use when opening a vehicle or an apartment. Thus, they can be convenient for disabled people who find difficulty in using physical keys.


This article will provide much insight concerning how a keypad door lock and key FOBs work. Thus, you will be at ease when deciding which system to go with. All in all, keyless locks are coming our way, and we ought to embrace them.

If you are looking to install or replace keypads at your home or business you can always count on Armstrong Locksmith. And when car key trouble arrives leave it to our team, we handle all types of vehicles.